iNKED SERIES Vol. VI - Splooshie and Shannon

Two vibrant personalities, Splooshie and Shannon are both professional models from Maryland with unique tattoos. Often working together on different projects, it felt natural to put them both on the same editorial.

Directed by Justin E. Dean

Model 1: Splooshie (@Splooshie.chick)

Hair: Serena (@SerenaScissorHands)

Eye Lashes: Katherine (@Kay_Bissue)

Model 2: Shannon (@Shannon_Boothby)

Splooshie shared some details of her past relationships and personal challenges.

Splooshie - Growing up, I was told I wouldn't get anywhere looking the way I did, and by that they meant my alternative look. I wanted to prove those people wrong, and to prove myself that I could be successful by just being me.

Splooshie - My first tattoo, which was the keyhole on my chest was just to help me end a bad chapter of my life. I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship and I wanted a constant reminder that I need to be more protective over my heart. From there, I wanted to continue to turn myself into a beautiful piece of art.

Splooshie - Even though it's the hardest thing to do some days, just look in the mirror and tell yourself how amazing and beautiful you are. You are going to have rough days, but you'll also have days where you feel like a goddess.

Shannon, who is also part of Suicide Girls, explains what inspired her to be a full time model.

Shannon - In the beginning, I won a free shoot and enjoyed the process so much that it became a hobby for a few years, eventually turning into a career. As far as getting tattooed, I remember when I was probably 10 years old I saw a girl with a tramp stamp tattooed and was so intrigued by it that it pulled me into the world of body modifications.

Shannon - I still have a lot of concerns when modeling. Fear of not being enough, fear of images not being what others like to see, and fear of how I’m perceived by the masses. It kind of just seems like part of the human condition.

Shannon also shared her love for Betty White

Shannon - She’s such an animated lady with so many life experiences. It’s amazing how much she has shared with the world and it will be a sad day when she’s no longer with us.

Splooshie - Shannon is my best friend, so it's completely natural when we pose together. I can be 1 inch from kissing her and then move to the next pose without any awkwardness.

They both shared their personal goals moving forward.

Shannon - Honestly I don’t really have any other plans besides wanting to continue to create amazing artwork and images that will make me feel good about myself.

Splooshie - I want to expand and use my platform to help launch my own adult store. I am a huge believer in freedom of sexual expression and finding your sexual identity as a person. With my store I want to offer a wide variety of options for people whether it’s super vanilla or super kinky. You like it, I'll have it!